VUU Salutes Stellar Scholar Athletes

February 15, 2019

Virginia Union University celebrated the academic achievements of 135 student-athletes on Wednesday, February 13, at Barco-Stevens Hall in Richmond, Va.


A total of 70 student-athletes recorded grade point averages (GPAs) of 3.0 to 3.4, while a total of 49 had GPAs between 3.5 and 3.9.


Sixteen student-athletes have grade point averages of 4.0.


“To be a champion on game day, you must practice being a champion every day, as a person, as a student, as an athlete,” said VUU Athletic Director Joe Taylor.



3.0 - 3.4

Bowling                                                                                  Major/Minor

Amaree Durfee                                                                       Visual Arts/Theater

Kenya Mcleod                                                                        Biology

Deja Overby                                                                            Psychology                                         



LeRiece Miller                                                                        Biology

Maura Richardson                                                                   Criminology/Criminal Justice


Men’s Basketball 

Demetrious Hoskins                                                                Mass Communications

Darian Peterson                                                                       Entrepreneur Management

Keshon Tabb                                                                           Entrepreneur Management

Dante Yancey                                                                         Accounting


Women’s Basketball 

Jasmine Carter                                                                         Religious Studies

Bria McKinney                                                                       Psychology

Shameka McNeill                                                                    Entrepreneur Management

Iffy Okoye                                                                              Biology

Tamaria Thomas                                                                      Criminology/Criminal Justice

Raven Williams                                                                       Psychology



Marcus Archer                                                                        Interdisciplinary Studies/Special Education

Jacoby Blackmon                                                                    BIS/Secondary Education

Najee Brown                                                                           Marketing

Jaeren Burch                                                                           Mass Communications

Alexander Davis                                                                     Psychology

Jewison Dawkins                                                                    Entrepreneur Management

Darian Fogg                                                                            Mass Communications

Tre’Ron Fullerton                                                                   Undecided

Tyrone Glanton                                                                       Criminology/Criminal Justice

Charles Hall IV                                                                       Marketing

Sterling Hammond                                                                  Finance & Banking

Xzavier Hines                                                                         Entrepreneur Management

Rodney McKay                                                                      Criminology/Criminal Justice

Jaycee Pummill                                                                       Interdisciplinary Studies/Special Education

Troy Robinson                                                                       Criminology/Criminal Justice 

Jefferson Souza                                                                       Entrepreneur Management

Justin Smith                                                                            Mass Communications

Jarett Sumiel                                                                           History/Political Science

Wildert Thelusme                                                                    Chemistry

Tyrone Tracy                                                                           Marketing

Coby Williams                                                                        History

Darren Williams                                                                      Natural Science/Computer Science

Woody Winborn                                                                     Cyber Security/Digital Forensics



Golf                                                                                        Major/Minor

Paul Meints                                                                             Finance & Banking


Track & Field

Xavier Bass     (Men’s Indoor/Outdoor)                               Criminology/Criminal Justice 

Kaurice Boyd  (Men’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)                        Criminology/Criminal Justice

Malika Fowler (Women’s Indoor/Outdoor)                         Psychology

Zaire Goddard            (Women’s Indoor/Outdoor)             Criminology/Criminal Justice

Justina Lloyd  (Women’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)                  Mass Communications

Majia Singleton (Women’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)                Biology

Nyrah Smith-Mayfield(Women’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)      Biology

Hananiah Smith (Women’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)                Interdisciplinary Studies/Elementary Education

Anthony Wimbish (Men’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)                 Physics/Engineering




Keziah Dickerson                                                                    Biology

Audrenik Howard                                                                   Biology                                  



Joydan Lyons-Parker                                                              Criminology/Criminal Justice

Alyssa White                                                                           Mass Communications



Akira Baker                                                                             Biology

Zaquae Downton                                                                    Visual Arts

Minne Masoe                                                                          Computer Information Systems

A’rmaria Wright                                                                      Biology


3.5 - 3.9
Bowling                                                          Major/Minor

Paris Garris                                                      Computer Information Systems

Aasiaonnia Thomas                                         Computer Information Systems                                                          

Men’s Basketball

Sean Kelly                                                       Mass Communications

Aaron Meredith                                              Marketing

Jordan Thornton                                              Chemistry

Raemaad Wright                                             Physics



Women’s Basketball 

Ananda Jones                                                  Biology

Bianca Lockamy                                             Biology

Shareka McNeill                                             Criminology/Criminal Justice

Rejoice Spivey                                                Biology

Kishona Sutton                                               Criminology/Criminal Justice

Alayah Walker                                                Social Work

Harmany Williams                                          Business/Psychology




Emmanuel Antwi                                            History/Political Science

Russell Ballance                                              Entrepreneur Management

Bryan Epps                                                     Computer Information Systems/Cyber Security

Cortez Grace                                                   Interdisciplinary Studies/Elementary Education

Saafir Starling                                                 Biology

Nathan Thomas                                               Interdisciplinary Studies/Special Education

Jordan Wall                                                     Criminology/Criminal Justice

Darius Whitehurst                                           Accounting




Sherwood Baskerville                                                             Criminology/Criminal Justice

Allan Day                                                                                Finance & Banking

Sergio Escalante                                                                      Computer Information Systems/Accounting


Track and Field/Cross Country                                          Major/Minor

Michael Pryor  (Men’s CC/Indoor)                                       Interdisciplinary Studies/Elementary Education

Enos Rotich    (Men’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)                        Computer Information Systems 

Chaunsa Saunders (Women’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)            Marketing

Jepngetich Shelia  (Women’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)             Biology

Charles Whitehead-Tilley (Men’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)      Chemistry/Biology

Darius Whitehurst  (Men’s Indoor/Outdoor)                        Accounting



Anneliese Brenner                                                                   Mass Communications

Diamond Jones                                                                       Biology

Mya Lowe                                                                               Engineering

Summer Moroch                                                                     Mathematics

Mya Tino                                                                                 Interdisciplinary Studies/Special Education

Erika Tiscareno                                                                       Criminology/Criminal Justice

Daionna Wright                                                                      Mathematics/Secondary Elementary 



Sabrina Connor                                                                       Mass Communications



Jamaica Adams                                                                       Mass Communications



Golf                                                                            Major/Minor

Alkin Barkley                                                              Accounting

Travon Willis                                                               Physics/Engineering


Men’s Basketball

Timothy Chaney                                                         Entrepreneur Management


Women’s Basketball 

Christina Deng                                                            Political Science


Track and Field

Sarah Adams   (Women’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)      Criminology/Criminal Justice

Daejah Majette (Women’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)     Criminology/Criminal Justice

Zorion Wiley   (Men’s CC/Indoor/Outdoor)            Mass Communications



Michela Mondesir                                                       Natural Sciences/Computer Science



Taurie Magee                                                              Mass Communications

Jada Starling                                                               Biology