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Show your #PantherPride as you use Zoom or Microsoft Teams while working remotely!

Save these VUU photos and make them the background during your conference calls. 
Click here to download VUU branded backgrounds

To use on Zoom:

1. Save the image to your phone or computer.

2. Open Zoom and on the video icon, there is an option to “Choose Virtual Background”.

3. Add your preferred VUU background.

To use on Teams:

1. Save the image to your phone or computer.

2. Open Teams and click on the 3-dots located on the bottom menu

3. Select "Show Background Effects"

4. Click "+ Add new" to upload image

5. Scroll down to view your new image and select the image

6. Click "Preview" to test it out

7. Click "Apply and turn on video" when you are ready to show off your new background

*Tip: Your view of the image may appear in reverse. No worries, the Teams application will automatically mirror the image so it appears correctly when viewed by others during the call.