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Office of Sponsored Research and Programs

The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs provides services and support to Virginia Union University (VUU) faculty and staff seeking outside funding for projects of benefit to the VUU community. The division disseminates information concerning appropriate funding opportunities and offers guidance to the campus community in the development and submission of proposals and in the negotiation and finalization of grants and contracts. Further, it assists with various administrative issues arising from extramurally funded projects and acts as the liaison with the University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) for the Protection of Human Subjects for projects funded through grants and contracts.

The division is committed to augmenting institutional resources in order to enhance VUU’s research and educational programming. Through a coordinated effort to match VUU’s faculty and staff with extramural sponsors, the division functions as a catalyst in transforming the creativity of the VUU community into the actuality of funded research, training, and technical assistance projects.

This web site is designed to provide information to faculty members and other University community staff seeking grant funding opportunities, as well as faculty and administrators interested in preparing proposals for submission.


Linda R. JacksonDirector, Sponsored Research & Programs

Commie E. Jones, Grants Research Pre-Award Coordinator

Cheryl R. RichardsonGrants Post-Award Coordinator 

Kelli L. NelsonGrant Processor/Office Manager

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The division encourages faculty and staff interest in and efforts to obtain outside sponsorship through its provision of services and support to the VUU community. The federal and local governments, state, and certain profit and nonprofit entities provide funds that enable VUU to expand research opportunities, create new programs, and engage in developmental activities, which benefit both the public and the institution. The division is responsible for providing assistance in the procurement and management of agency grants. The division along with senior administrative offices strongly support the goal of increasing both faculty and staff involvement in research and will participate in the process to compete successfully.

The major functions of the division are to:

  • Provide current information about federal/state agency grants in certaininstances private sources i.e., foundations and corporations and provideindividual training in the use of funding databases;
  • Disseminate individualized information pertinent to the availability of and deadlines for external funding opportunity;
  • Guide faculty in the preparation of proposal applications, including budget preparation, to ensure conformity with university policy, sponsor criteria, and federal, state, and local regulations; 
  • Review proposals from an editorial perspective and provide feedback as needed to ensure a quality proposal is submitted;
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of grants and contracts, in coordination with the principal investigator, and prepares such grants and contracts for acceptance by the division administrator who is authorized to commit the university to the performance of the proposed projects;
  • Assist in matters relating to patents, copyrights, and publication agreements;
  • Direct faculty in compliance with sponsor requirements regarding the administrative close-out of awards;
  • Ensure University compliance with federal rules and regulations in the administration of such grants;Serve as the University’s principal component organization for developing, managing and reporting Federal and State sponsored programs activities;
  • Offer support and services to projects funded through sponsoring agencies.
  • Represent the University in transactions with sponsoring agencies, and
  • Coordinate all federally funded projects.

The policies, regulations, and procedures contained in the division’s guidelines are to be observed in all matters relating to research grants, contracts and other educational projects that commit institutional resources, faculty, and staff.

Further, the division will:

  • Assist faculty and other members of the University community in monitoring the compliance of each funded project with federal regulations and institutional policies and procedures.
  •  Assist individual faculty/staff, who are awarded research grants or contracts, in fulfilling their relevant responsibilities as project directors, principal investigators, and/or managers of external projects.
  • Provide oversight and coordination for all research activities at the University. In this capacity, the division offers guidelines to faculty and staff for pre-award/proposal development, submission to external funding agencies, grant award activities involving indirect cost negotiation and budget monitoring, post-award reporting processes and close-out procedures.
  • Provide new and experienced investigators and administrators with information regarding the established University procedures regarding the conduct of research and sponsored program activities supported through federal, state, and private sources.
  • Ensure accountability and proper management of sponsored program activities.

Service Points to Remember

Proposal Development: Proposal development is one of the primary objectives, as well as, one of the key activities of the division. Representatives in each of the four schools are available to assist and direct proposal development in the various discipline areas. The division staff provides proposal development and processing assistance for all sponsored research grants and contract activities funded from extramural sources.

Proposal Review: Each proposal, upon submission to an external agency, reflects upon the capabilities and standards of Virginia Union University. To assure uniform, high quality institutional representation, each proposal must pass a multi-step internal review. Signature authorizations at the Investigator’s, Departmental, the School, and the University Administrative levels must be secured to complete the review process. The division is prepared to assist and complete the proposal review process at the University’s Administrative level.

Research Incentives Program: The division has developed a comprehensive awards program to encourage faculty to participate in proposal writing. A percentage of the indirect charges earned from funded grants and contracts are distributed to the principal investigator, and/or department of origin, and the University. Research incentive awards are designed to promote reward and successful grantsmanship.

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Proposal Submission Procedure and Post Award Activities

Procedures for submitting proposals to state, private, and federal agencies as well as post award activities are as follows:

All grant proposal applications must be internally reviewed and approved before leaving the University as an official final-draft submission. In most cases, a signature from the Special Assistant to the President/Title III Administrator will indicate that a successful internal review of the document has been completed.

Pre-Award Activities

Step 1: AUTHORIZATION TO APPLY FOR GRANTS AND CONTRACTS: The authorization form should be submitted to the Director of Sponsored Programs, Baptist Memorial Building, First Floor. A copy of the RFP must be submitted with the authorization form. This form must be completed and approved before any grants are prepared. The authorization form can be completed electronically.

Step 2: PROPOSAL SUBMISSION: The Principal Investigator (PI) then prepares the proposal components. Using the Authorization form, the PI should secure the appropriate signatures indicated on the form.

Step 3: PROPOSAL REVIEW: The proposal should be submitted to the Director of Sponsored Programs for review at least 10 business days prior to the proposal due date. Please contact the Director of Sponsored Programs to schedule an appointment for the proposal review.

Step 4: REVISIONS: The Director of Sponsored Programs will assist the P.I. with any technical assistance as necessary.

Step 5: SIGNATURE OF THE SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT/TITLE III ADMINISTRATOR & DIRECTOR OF SPONSORED PROGRAMS: Formal approval for submission is not complete until the signatures of the Special Assistant to the President/Title III Administrator and Director of Sponsored
Programs are obtained.

Step 6: SUBMISSION: The Special Assistant to the President/Title III Administrator is responsible for the submission of all proposals. Upon submission an e-mail notification will be sent to the PI.

Step 7: AWARD NOTIFICATION: Upon receipt, a copy of the Official Grant Award Notification documentation, the Director of Sponsored Programs
will schedule an appointment with the PI, Special Assistant to the President/Title III Administrator, and Vice President for Financial Affairs/Comptroller to review award obligations and reporting requirements.

Step 8: REVIEW AND FINAL BUDGET SET-UP: The review process consists of the following: (a) Compare proposed budget to approved budget by the awarding agency and make any necessary revisions; (b) Upon completion, the final budget (upon approval from the awarding agency) is forwarded to
the Vice President for Financial Affairs/Comptroller’s office for entry into the financial ledger.

Step 9: ASSIGNMENT OF ACCOUNT NUMBER: The University Comptroller will assign an account number to the project. The account
number (including sub-categories) will be forwarded to the PI by the Director of Sponsored Programs, along with allowable expenditures for
each budget category.

Step 10: PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION: Implementation of all projects/programs must adhere to regulations and required progress reports
sent to the Director of Sponsored Programs.

Step 11: REPORTS AND OTHER REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: The PI is responsible for submission of any additional forms required and/or needed for implementation and progress reporting. All progress reports must be submitted to the Director of Sponsored Programs for review by the Special Assistant to the President/Title III Administrator. If necessary, an appointment will be scheduled with the PI to discuss any issues related to all reports to ensure accurate compliance of stated regulations. Allprogress reports must be submitted to the Director of Sponsored Programs 10 business days prior to the due date.

Step 12: CLOSE-OUT: Upon the termination of any grant sponsored program, the final close out report must be submitted to the Director of Sponsored Programs. 
All required signatures must be obtained before any grant programs are officially closed. A close-out interview must be scheduled with the Director of Sponsored Programs to complete this process.

Step 13: AGENCY CLOSE-OUT NOTIFICATION: Upon receipt of the closeout notification from the awarding agency, a copy will be sent by the Director of Sponsored Program to the PI.

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