ATLANTA—The SunTrust Foundation has awarded Virginia Union University (VUU) a $204,000 grant to establish a financial literacy program for students, parents, and for residence in the Greater Richmond area. The financial literacy program will teach financial habits and offer solid steps for smart financial planning.

Virginia Union’s General Studies courses will be revised to include a financial literacy component reaching approximately 500 students through 10 certified instructors. The revised course curriculum will be based on the National Endowment of Financial Education (NEFE) curriculum and is designed to empower financial decision-making for individuals and families through every stage of life.

“SunTrust is dedicated to providing the tools to help people move from financial stress to financial confidence,” said Dorinda Smith, Head of Sun-Trust Mortgage on behalf of the SunTrust Foundation. “The SunTrust Foundation supports this project because it will teach proven financial principles and allow students to build confidence in managing their finances.”

As part of the grant, VUU will also provide financial education courses to parents of VUU Students and residence in the Greater Richmond area. Parents of VUU students will have access to financial planning workshops, resources, information, and customized learning experiences. Greater Richmond area residents will be engaged through existing community organizations and through collaborations with SunTrust Mortgage and SunTrust teammates.

Test your financial literacy with this quiz! 

Before purchasing the newest cell phone, you must ask yourself:

a. Is the new phone cheaper than the old one being used?

b. Is the new cell phone on sale?

c. Is the new cell phone something I really need?

d. Will my friends like my new cell phone?

Which of the following is considered an asset?

a. A credit card

b. A checking account

c. A car loan

d. A student loan

What does it mean to “Pay yourself first”?

a. Change your financial goals for the future

b. Buy a new outfit every time you get paid

c. Create a budget

d. Build your savings

The highest interest rate on a loan is charged by a

a. Savings account

b. Credit Card company

c. Pawnshop

d. Investment Bank

Which of the following is good to have to be able to cover cash needs today?

a. Bonds

b. Individual Retirement Plan (IRA)

c. Life Insurance

d. Regular Checking Account


1. a. Is the new cell phone something I really need?

2. b.A checking account

3. c.Build your savings

4. d.Pawnshop

4. d.Regular Checking Account