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Centering Women

Centering Women (CW) has as its main focus women in ministry. The numbers of women in seminaries have steadily increased since the 1970’s, yet women face particular challenges throughout their ministerial journey. These challenges are often multiplied during their seminary experience.  For African American women the realities are more layered and complex. CW recognizes that while women are often structurally on the margins, they are at the center, heart and soul of religious life, its institutions and of society. Thus, we see this centering reality reflected at all levels and environs. Centering Women is not an institutional program or initiative, but rather part of an organic process of attaining institutional and communal wholeness. Centering Women aims to provide avenues of information and support for the women of STVU and women in ministry working in tandem with Virginia Union University and entities of common concern in connectional institutions and the community.  The Center’s initial goal focuses on women seminarians - their needs, joys, and possibilities - while acknowledging our communal commitments to our alumnae. This occurs within at least three focus areas: wellness, mentoring and curriculum. All STVU women seminarians and STVU women graduates are invited to gather on first Saturdays of each month from 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. on the campus of Virginia Union University. For Information Contact: