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CLC Course #1: Christian Education for the HOLE in the Church

CLC Course #2: Effective Leadership for the Black Church                                                                                            

CLC Course #3:  The BIBLE Says….  

CLC Course #4:  Embodying the Spirit:  Worship and the Arts in the   21st Century   

CLC Course #5:  Christian Formation for Christian Educators

CLC Course #6: Beyond the Tithe: An Economic Model for Today’s Church Liberation

CLC Course #7: Living My Best Life

CLC Course #8:  Beyond Sunday:  When and How to Care for Your Congregation

CLC Course #9:  Change or not to Change: Is it Worth the Fight?

CLC Course #10:  Reclaiming our Liberation: African Americans and Religious Freedom

CLC Course #11: Using Technology to Amplify the Messages of the Church and the Community

CLC Course #12: Youth Middle & High Class