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Evans-Smith Certificate Program Offerings for Ministry, Professionals & Community

The Center for Lifelong Learning and Leadership is an advocate and resource for congregations, communities, professionals, STVU current students, and alumni. As a product of the mission of Virginia Union University’s Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology, the Center provides opportunities for faith formation and vocational development through leadership education.  The Center serves as a partner for nurturing healthy and sustainable leaders and leadership practices.  The principal focus of the Center’s learning opportunity is the Evans-Smith Certificate Program for Ministry, Professionals, and Community. 

The Evans-Smith Certificate Program offers various ways for those seeking to further their theological education, self-enrichment, and leadership development, focusing on addressing the growing needs in diverse communities who are preparing for service in multiple contexts. Our goal is to offer opportunities for persons to grow spiritually and professionally as they seek to sharpen and expand skills necessary for more effective and efficient service as leaders in the local church and various communities around the world.  

The Evans-Smith Certificate Program has offered courses in various locations for over thirty-five. During the past few months, the Center for Lifelong Learning aligns with the University providing a Virtual-Based system.  Qualified instructors will teach classes in a newly designed Zoom classroom for students all around the country. 


Continuing Education Units, or CEUs, are awarded by many education and training providers to signify successful completion of non-credit programs and courses intended to improve one’s knowledge and skills.   The typical CEU represents approximately ten (10) contact hours of experience in a structured continuing education setting supervised by a qualified continuing education provider.

Course Offerings: