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Tuition and Fees Guide

VUU is committed to:

  1. Reducing the cost of higher education which will lower, and in some cases, eliminate the loan debt of our students.
  2. Maintaining financial aid and scholarship packages.
  3. Providing greater access to families who believed that higher education was not financially possible.
  4. Offering a transformative academic experience to a more diverse student population at an exceptional value.

Accessibility has been part of the VUU mission for nearly 155 years. VUU is now the highest value and lowest cost HBCU in the Commonwealth of Virginia. When you do the math, VUU more accessible and affordable for students and families. 

Why is VUU reducing its tuition?​​ 

VUU generated the new financial structure after months of investigating tuition, room and board, and fees of peer university’s in Virginia and comparable universities nationally. A close review of the cumulative amount of student loans and default rates of those loans was also conducted.  The study concluded that the best way to reduce/eliminate the amount of student loans and also decrease the default rate on payments was to reduce the overall cost of tuition.

Will VUU still offer financial aid and scholarships?​​ 

Yes, VUU will still offer financial aid and scholarships. VUU desires for all students to have a successful career and life after graduation without the burden of paying off debt, which could take a decade or more to clear. We’re simply making an educational experience already recognized as an exceptional value – an even better one.​