Virtual Meeting Spaces Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended to create an atmosphere where anonymity is protected, intimacy and vulnerability feels safe, and discussions can happen fluidly.

  1. During meetings, plan to be alone or utilize headphones to protect others anonymity and private conversations.
  2. Reduce noise around you and place your microphone on MUTE if you’re not sharing or talking. 

Pay attention to your background to not be distracting to other meeting attendees.

  1. Minimize distractions by not multitasking during the meetings(i.e. Having other social media windows open). Try to give your community members your undivided attention.
  2. Make sure to continue attending the meeting before the meeting and staying after the allotted time. This remains the best time to strengthen relationships with your fellow community members.
  3. An audio and visual presence is encouraged if possible.
  4. As going around the circle to determine who shares next is not always feasible, “pass the virtual talking stick” style meetings are encouraged.