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Elizabeth Johnson Rice has been a civil rights activist for decades starting when she was arrested in the 1960 Sit-ins with Richmond 34 from Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia, an organization which has persisted and has had Mrs. Rice as coordinator since 2004. Today she achieves social change as founder of the nonprofit organization Be Part of the Solution Foundation, founded in 2012. Through her work with the BPOS Foundation, Elizabeth educates through the principals of empowerment and education to teach on the need to embrace freedom through the lens of the Civil Rights Movement of both the past and present. Mrs. Rice’s speaking and teaching has a family based approach, parents as well as students from levels of elementary schooling to young adults in college gain exposure to positive principles to help enact social change through her public speaking.

From 1965 to 2010, Mrs. Rice served in various roles in Virginia, Maryland, and D.C. School on the Secondary level, including roles as an administrator and in Teaching Science with focuses on topics of government and education.

Mrs. Rice has also worked in the realm of marketing and consulting through her previous role in Koba Associates, where she served as the firm’s Director of Marketing. Mrs. Rice wrote proposals for private organizations and the federal government to secure the necessary funds for executing proposal results and guidelines, with funding reaching into millions of dollars.

Mrs. Rice has shared her experiences as part of the Civil Rights Movement in the documentaries “Civil Rights Heroes of Virginia,” “Trailblazers of Virginia,” and most recently "Trail of Hope" by David McNamara. Mrs. Rice is currently writing her autobiography, which is expected to be published in 2021.

Elizabeth Rich currently calls Silver Spring, Maryland. She is a graduate of Virginia Union University with a Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry, and of Virginia State University with a Master of Arts in teaching, and is one of the first students to ever complete requirements for this degree.


- Was one of the first Black teachers to integrate Petersburg High School in the Commonwealth of Virginia (1965)
- Coordinator of the Richmond 34 (2004)
- Responsible for proper regulations of the Fire Department and the qualifications for and preparations of EMS Paramedics in line of duty (1974–1976)
- Developed the proper coordination and reciprocity of ambulance services within the metropolitan areas of, Virginia, District of Columbia, and Maryland. (1974–1976)
- Appointed Ambassador to the Richmond Flying Squirrels for the Richmond 34. (2021)