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This plan has been reviewed by the State Council of Higher Education and has been found to be compliant in containing the required components of the ‘Higher Education Reopening Guidance,’ which was developed in consultation with the Virginia Department of Health.

Frequently Asked Questions 


What are academic terms? 

Academic terms are set periods of time in which classes begin and end. This year the academic calendar identifies 13 terms for courses. All students should confirm with their academic advisor their course registration term to ensure that students attend and complete course expectations. 

Who shall I contact to help with registration? ​

All freshmen students and undecided majors should contact the University College for scheduling/registration assistance (email: 

All students with more than 24 credit hours and have declared a major should contact their academic dean for scheduling support. 

School of Arts and Sciences – Dean Ted Ritter (
School of Business – Dean Robin Davis (
School of Education – Dean Kimberly Gaiters-White (
School of Theology – Assistant Dean Deborah Martin (  

How do I know if my courses are campus-based or virtual based? 

Campus-based courses are those that will meet face-to-face on-campus. Virtual-based course will be facilitated through approved academic technology systems to include and Microsoft Teams. All course information will be posted to to include all expectations, meeting days and times. All students are also encouraged to check their VUU email, as well as consult with their academic advisors for specific information. 


When will I be able to move on campus? 

The Office of Housing and Residence Life has distributed a move-in guide (check your email). The move-in guide indicates that all students will be given an appointment. All students must arrive during the scheduled time.  

Can my family help to move me in? 

All students are limited to have one additional person assist with moving on campus. This decision is to ensure the overall health and safety of our campus community.  

Will I (and my 1 additional move-in support) have to have personal protective equipment during move in? 

Yes, all persons are required to have a face-covering and gloves during move in. 

COVID-19 Testing 

Do all students living on campus have to be tested for COVID-19? 

Yes. In order to be permitted access to the residential facility, all students need to present documentation to demonstrate that they are NEGATIVE for COVID-19. All testing results should be within 5 days of the scheduled move-in appointment. Update: CAHN, our university’s health services provider has indicated that testing within 10 days will be accepted. 

VUU has stated that testing results should be within 5-days of move-in. However, the response time for my local health provider is 6-10 days, what should I do? 

Every locality throughout the country is different. Therefore, students and families must identify the feasibility of meeting this expectation. For example, if your testing facility has a 7-day response time and you are scheduled to move-in on August 18. You are strongly encouraged to either be tested early enough to ensure that you have the results on August 18. Update: CAHN, our university’s health services provider has indicated that testing within 10 days will be accepted. 

Do students who will be commuting (or living off campus) need to be tested for COVID-19? 

No, commuting students will NOT need to be tested for COVID-19. However, all students will need to complete a daily screening to demonstrate that they are not experiencing any symptoms on other health challenges or visited any high-risk areas. More details to come on the daily health screening. 

Is COVID-19 testing services available on campus? 

Capital Area Health Network (CAHN) will be providing COVID-19 testing services. Students are strongly encouraged to have testing completed prior to move-in. If students are tested on-site, they will be responsible for their own accommodations while results are pending. Only students with negative testing results will be permitted access to on-campus housing. Throughout the fall semester, COVID-19 testing will remain available. 


I am having trouble accessing and/or my VUU email, how can I have this resolved? 

All students who need log-in assistance shall contact the Information Technology (IT) helpdesk by sending an email to  

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