Community Values

Students of Virginia Union University commit themselves to the following values:

  • Academic Honesty - Fundamental to any Institution of higher learning community is academic honesty. An environment free from giving or receiving unauthorized aid, is essential to the process of learning and evaluating academic performance.
  • Moral Courage - As a member of the VUU community, students recognize they are part of something larger than themselves, and as such, have the moral courage to uphold the values espoused by this community. We pride ourselves on our 4Cs: Choice, Character, Commitment, and Conduct.
  • Personal Integrity - Being honest with oneself and with others is critical to being a member of a community. This includes taking responsibility for one’s actions and the consequences associated with those actions.
  • Sincere Respect for all VUU students, faculty, and staff - Respect is not something one earns,  but something one gives, and all members of the VUU community are worthy of respect. Respect for all VUU students, faculty, and staff allows for the free exchange of opinions and ideas, and for all cultures.

Students are expected to conform to recognized University standards of conduct, behave with decency, and dress appropriately while on/off campus, in academic settings, social events, extracurricular activities, and other public functions. Students are expected to remove hats when the Alma Mater is being sung or played and prior to entering any building on campus including, but not limited to:  the dining hall, library, classroom buildings, and residence halls. In addition, all students are expected to stand when the Alma Mater is being sung or played.