Dress Code

 Virginia Union University has a prescribed dress code and some attire is considered inappropriate in specific settings on/off campus. Furthermore, dressing appropriately is considered a part of the learning process.  Students and their guests who do not adhere to the dress code may be denied access to university services including, but not limited to the classroom, the cafeteria and other academic buildings.  If an instance occurs wherein a student feels that a request regarding the dress code is unreasonable, the student should first adhere to the request of the faculty or staff member, and then follow up with a written document using the appropriate appeal procedure. To report an incident: https://www.vuu.edu/incident-reporting-form

The items below provide an overview of items prohibited by the VUU dress code (but not limited to) except in the residence halls and at designated University activities and events, on and off campus:

  • Pajamas, bathrobes, bras, lingerie, and boxer shorts, worn in public spaces and/or as outerwear (except in the residence halls),
  • Bedroom slippers (except in the residence halls),
  • Pants worn in a “baggy” fashion (mid-hip with undergarments revealed),
  • Undershirts (wife beaters) without a top shirt (except in the residence halls),
  • Appearing in public spaces without a shirt, top or blouse (except in the residence halls),
  • Du-rags,  head rags/scarves, and bonnets  for men and women (except in the residence halls),
  • Caps and hats for men and women worn inside of buildings (except for the residence halls or with permission from an administrator),
  • Curlers, rollers, and other items used to groom hair (except in the residence halls),
  • Shirts worn as head wraps (except in the residence halls),
  • Hoodies with hoods over the head while inside a building,
  • Micro-mini skirts, midriff shirts, see-through blouses, low cut blouses, and/or other such attire that reveal s excessive cleavage in classroom buildings,
  • Clothing, jewelry, hats and/or other garments/or other accessories with obscene or offensive language, gestures, and/or profanity, or the display/elude to drugs, drug paraphernalia, and other illegal substances

Students are expected to use good judgment in determining what to wear at special events. Examples of special events are:

New Student Orientation activities, Fall Convocation, Founders Day, Career Fairs, On-Campus interviews, Honors programs, and Convocation. The attire for these events is outlined below:

  • Dress pants (no jeans), business suit, dress shirt, tie and dress shoes
  • Professional skirt, blouse, dress, or two-piece suit (skirt or pants), and dress shoes. 

Students requesting special permission for head attire due to religious affiliation should give notice to the Dean of Students Office.