Student Conduct Process Introduction

Virginia Union University is a learning community where all deserve to feel valued, safe and respected. Upholding a commitment of civility and integrity is expected of all Virginia Union Panthers. The choices you make are a reflection of your character. The following conduct and/or actions are inconsistent with the values and standards of the University community and will not be tolerated. Each student and student organization assumes an obligation to conduct himself, herself or itself in a manner compatible with the University’s rules, codes, policies and procedures.

The VUU Student Conduct Process exists to respond to alleged violations of such Standards of Conduct. The aim of the Student Conduct Process is to encourage responsible behavior, to maintain social order, and to protect the rights of all. VUU may sanction students for failure to abide by its Code of Conduct and sanctions may be imposed singularly or in combination, both for individuals and for student organizations.

Students are advised that a disciplinary sanction imposed by VUU pursuant to this Student Conduct Process does not preclude the possibility of separate criminal or civil prosecution by law enforcement authorities, and that conversely, improper conduct external to the campus may be grounds for VUU disciplinary action as well.

NOTE: The University may prohibit conduct and/or actions other than that prescribed by this Student Code of Conduct.  This Student Code of Conduct, therefore, is not an exclusive list of all of the conduct prohibited by the University.

ExclusionsPlease note that this Student Conduct Process does not apply to grade appeals. Please refer to other sections of the Student Handbook for procedures regarding these complaints. In addition, outcomes of appeal processes are not subject to further consideration through process.  Finally, this Student Disciplinary Process does not apply to complaints regarding Sexual Misconduct.  For information regarding Sexual Misconduct, please see the Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures.

Student Integrity and Conduct Administration

Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs (“VPEMSA”)
The Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs has primary oversight for the operations of enrollment management and student affairs. The VPEMSA, or his/her designee, has “emergency powers,” which may be exercised to suspend or amend procedural regulations, when, in his or her judgment, is necessary to safeguard the campus community. The VPEMSA, or his/her designee, may also immediately suspend any student exhibiting dangerous behavior(s) (including but not limited to physical abuse and possession of or use of drugs and/or weapons) pending a hearing. 

Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs (“AVP”)
The Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs (AVP) has oversight for the operations of the division of student affairs and works with Dean of Students to encourage, support and ensure student compliance with University’s Code of Conduct. The AVP along with the VPEMSA may provide appellate decisions for cases of student misconduct.

Dean of Students (“DOS”)
The Dean of Students has oversight of student conduct and  is responsible for determining the appropriate mechanism for adjudicating alleged violations of University regulation. DOS is charged with providing oversight and coordination of the judicial process. Any member of the VUU community shall bring complaints against a student or a group of students to the attention of the DOS, the Police Department, Office of Residence Life and Housing, or the Title IX Coordinator.
To report an incident, send an email to conduct@vuu.edu or use the reporting form https://www.vuu.edu/incident-reporting-form.

Community Standards Hearing Board (“CSHB”)
The CSHB adjudicates cases of alleged violations of the Standards of Conduct involving individual students and/or student organizations, and it makes recommendations to the DOS accordingly. The CSHB is comprised of faculty, staff and student representatives.

Student Chief Justice (“CJ”)
The Chief Justice is an appointed position that serves on the Student Government Association (SGA). This student assists with presiding over hearings and conduct meetings and is the liaison between the student body and the student conduct administration.